EX-Equipment > Выносная панель Autronica BU-BV-420

Выносная панель Autronica BU-BV-420

Manual call point CXL-BF-20L Autronica
BD-55/225EXDN Conventional D-A-F Heat Detector Autronica
Information Loop Panel BV-110 Autronica
BD-55/600EXD Conventional D-A-F Heat Detector Autronica
Smoke Detector BHH-500/S/EX Autronica
Cabinet BV-311 Autronica
Day/night control unit BW-203 Autronica
Conventional loop interface module BNB-330A Autronica
Loudspeaker monitoring unit BRG-APS178-16-EV Autronica
Manual call point CXL/BF-24L Autronica
Saddle HFSBS 25 Autronica
BD-55/325EXDN Conventional D-A-F Heat Detector Autronica
BN-33A/18 Address / Interface Unit Autronica
Output module for speaker lines BRG-APS62 Autronica
Operator panel BS-330G2/GB400 Autronica
Fire Alarm Control Panel BS-320/111 Autronica
WBJ-5/01 Aerosol smoke dispenser Autronica
BS-100 loop interface BSD-330 Autronica
AutroFlame X33AF SS, extended temp., SIL 2 certified Autronica
Control/Monitoring unit with operator panel BA-45/602 Autronica
Manual call point BF-33/EX Autronica
FireRay® 5000 beam detector - 8-50 m Autronica

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