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Воспламенитель Forney DURAFire

78195-07 Forney "Super Blue" Digital Profile Detector (UV), Tangential Fired Applications
388056-01 Forney RM-DR6101E Dual Range Amplifier Card (w/o bezel)
401116-10 Forney UniFlame II Flame Scanner
401112-01 Forney Enhanced Model UniFlame Scanner
361864-02 Forney HESI Connecting Cable Assembly (SERIES 90 2 pin) LENGTH 12' (3.7m)
362379-01 Forney IDD IIA Panel mount amplifier
78195-74 Forney "Classic" Digital Profile Detector (IR) Fiber Optic
397860-01 Forney HESI Powerpack, 230VAC, series 90F, 50Hz, Carbon Steel enclosure, 2 pin
401118-04 Forney Wireless hand held programming tool for 401118-03.
389352-01 Forney MAXFire 10/110 Combination Mounting Assembly
38321-23 Forney IDD IIL Detector, Low band for Lignite applications

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