EX-Equipment > Термопара PYROMATION R5T182L68R383-04Z-CIP-4-5-91

Термопара PYROMATION R5T182L68R383-04Z-CIP-4-5-91

R1T185L483 Pyromation RTDs with CIP Sanitary-Connected Well
ST Pyromation Thermowell
16W(E) Pyromation Ceramic Protection Tube
HL30-RBF192LBS Pyromation Miniature Temperature Sensor
R1T285L483 Pyromation RTDs with CIP Sanitary-Connected Well
K24-3-S-305 Pyromation Thermocouple Wire
J28-1-305 Pyromation Thermocouple Wire
RBF185MH2 Pyromation Penetration Style RTD Sensor
RAF185L Pyromation Water-Tight RTD Assembly with Optional Series 450 Temperature Transmitter
R3T285L68R383 Pyromation Fast Temperature Response RTDs with CIP Fittings
LS Pyromation Thermowell
HW Pyromation Thermowell
RAF185L Pyromation RTD Assembly with Extension Leadwire
31Q Pyromation Die-Cast Aluminum Screw-Cover GP Connection Heads
JHD3G Pyromation Penetration Style Thermocouple Sensor
J20-1-304 Pyromation Thermocouple Wire
J30-2-506 Pyromation Thermocouple Wire
J20-2-513 Pyromation Thermocouple Wire
HL30-EEBSU Pyromation Miniature Thermocouple Sensor
K20-3-S-507 Pyromation Thermocouple Wire
RAF185L483 Pyromation RTDs with CIP Sanitary-Connected Well
26-58 Pyromation Built-Up Protection Well
Model 70-21 Pyromation Hazardous Location Explosion-Proof-Approved, Spring-Loaded RTD Assemblies
Series 441 Pyromation Programmable Temperature Transmitter

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