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Сканер штрих-кодов Extronics iSCAN300

iSCAN300 Extronics 1D and 2D Image Code Reader
iVID101 Extronics Explosion Proof Monitor
iGAS100 Extronics Universal Gas Detection System
iANT217 Extronics Omni Directional UHF Rugged Antenna
iANT216 Extronics Omni Directional Dual Band WiFi Rugged Antenna
iWAP300 Extronics Universal Industrial Access Point Enclosure
EXPLORER 18i Extronics Zone 1/ 2 & 21/ 22 Panel PC
GUB INX Extronics Flameproof Stainless Steel Enclosure IIC
iSOLATE100 Extronics Intrinsically Safe PS2/Serial Interface Isolator
iTAG500 Extronics Power Tag
CHALLENGER 15i Extronics Intrinsically Safe PC Terminal
CHALLENGER 22i Extronics Intrinsically Safe PC Terminal
iCITE100 Extronics Ex Tag Exciter
CHALLENGER 22 LITE Extronics Industrial Non-Ex Challenger PC Terminal (with data transmission up to 150m)
i.roc® Ci70 -Ex Extronics Zone 1 Hazardous Area UHF RFID Reader
iWAP200 Extronics RFID Tag Reader
iBATT101 Extronics Zone 1 Stainless Steel High Capacity Battery Enclosure

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