EX-Equipment > Система сигнализации Deckma BNWAS 3000

Система сигнализации Deckma BNWAS 3000

Wall lamp Deckma BETA
Fluorescent luminaires Deckma DEMA 218
Smoke and thermal detector tester Deckma Testifire 1000
Explosion proof metal halide floodlight Deckma XQF 250P / 400P
Navigation latern for vessels over 50m Deckma Serie 70
Explosion proof lamp Deckma MAX 236
Xenon - Searchlight direct operated Deckma XS ... D
Electronic siren Deckma  A100
Smoke detector Deckma SLR-E3NM
Dual-switch monitor Deckma CHQ DIM (SCI)
Recessed mounted ceiling lamp Deckma DE-DEL 236

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