EX-Equipment > Сирена с подсветкой Deckma BExCS110

Сирена с подсветкой Deckma BExCS110

Fire Detection System Deckma FM 815
Berth light Deckma GU107
Halogen floodlight Deckma DE-GIFL 200
Halogen lamp Deckma DE-EURO 5588-0
Sodium floodlight external ballast necessary Deckma DE-GIFL 2x 400HPS
Xenon - Searchlight bridge operated Deckma XS ... B
UV and IR detector tester Deckma T-229 4P
Explosion proof lamp Deckma EVX 100
Explosion proof tube light Deckma XFR 120 / XFF 220
Recessed mounting ceiling lamp Deckma DE-DEL 218
Sodium floodlight with internal ballast Deckma DE-GIFL 1x 250/400 HPS

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