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Шасси ESL Eclipse ENC0112 ATR

Thermocouple (T6) S753-6-34 LW18257 Esterline
Upgrade Kit (A - C) 195963 AG59358 Esterline
Датчик LW18358 Esterline
Сигнал RRE065577 Esterline
75-41-11 01502TC001/984-3-13 TZone3 Thermocouple TRENT Esterline
Электропроводка TRN101575 Esterline
Электропроводка TRN17376 Esterline
Модуль RRE065573 Esterline
CMM 01 JUN 30-02 TC321-01 TC322-01 Esterline
Термопара TRN17302 Esterline
Junction, T30 101-00225-2 TRN15529 Esterline
77-21-52 862-10-22/862-11-23/862-1-13/862-3-15/862-6-18/862-7-19 Twin Element T/C CF6 Esterline
77-20-55 989-3-13 T25 Thermocouple TRENT Esterline
P3C0419530 P3C0419531 Esterline
T495 Thermocouple Wiring Harness CFM56-3 TC262-00 TC262-02 TC262-02 Esterline
TC292-01 T5 Temperature Sensor CFM56-7 Esterline
Датчик LW18854 Esterline
Обогреватель RRE065544 Esterline
Термопара TRN14179 Esterline
Термопара TRN17301 Esterline
77-22-12 985-2-12 Front Overheat T/C TRENT Esterline
Speed Probe - IP 683-10-24 WR11123 Esterline
CA132-00 CA152-00 CA152-01 CA152-02 CA152-03 CA152-04 Esterline
Датчик TRN15530 Esterline
Датчик TRN17444 Esterline
T4.8 Harness - Lower 1005-1-11 L44737P04 Esterline
Junction, T30 101-00225-3 TRN15530 Esterline
RP302-03 RP302-04 RP302-05 Fan Inlet Temperature Transmitter CF34-8C1 CF34-8C5 CF34-8E Esterline
CA146-00 CA147-00 CA148-00 TC194-00 TC195-00 T495 Thermocouple Wiring Harness CFM56-5A Esterline
Электропроводка TRN17376 Esterline
Harness - P/Turbine 895-2-12 WR11074 Esterline
Harness (K-Type) 876-1-17 LW17610 Esterline
Av Probe 101-00254-4 TRN17304 Esterline
Harness (QAFCO) 907-3-13 Esterline
Individual Lead 20ft Ni/Al 1003-1-11 Esterline
RTD Single Element 1027-1-11 L21103P01 6685-00-616-2373 Esterline
77-11-01 949-1-11 Speed Probe CF34 Esterline
Junction Box (N-Type) 877-2-13 LW20249 Esterline
Thermocouple (T31 N-Type) 893-3-13 LW17605 Esterline
Датчик RRE038336 Esterline
Avon Eddy Current Speed Probe 01701ES001 01701ES001 Esterline
Модуль RRE065571 Esterline
Термопара TRN17302 Esterline
Junction Box S754-1-11 LW10402 Esterline
77-12-01 889-3-13 Speed probe TAY Esterline
Датчик LW18854 Esterline
Alumel 1003-7-17 Esterline
72-55-15 993-4-14/S683-4-18 Turbine Speed Probe TRENT Esterline
Individual Lead 20ft Ni/Cr 1003-2-12 Esterline
Injector T/Couple 879-1-12 879-1-12 Esterline

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