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Резольвер AMCI NEXUS NX2A4

NX3B2E-17 AMCI shut height controller:EtherNet/IP
SM2340 AMCI size 23 stepper motor
HTT-20-(X) AMCI geared dual resolver multi-turn transducer
SD17060E AMCI 115 VAC | 6.0 amp/8.4 ethernet/ip stepper motor drive/indexer
SMD23 series AMCI size 23 integrated stepper motor drives
SM34 AMCI size 34 stepper motor
7262 AMCI two channel SSI interface
NX3A1T AMCI resolver interface: (Modbus TCP/IP)
2600 AMCI CompactLogix : resolver-based programmable limit switch: 2611 / 2612 / 2613 
NX3A1D AMCI resolver interface: (DeviceNet)
1141 & 1142 AMCI MicroLogix 1762 I/O: one and two channel resolver interfaces 1141 / 1142
1140 AMCI one and two-channel resolver interface modules 1141 / 1142
HT-20-X AMCI multi-turn resolver transducers
ME15 SSI AMCI rotary encoder - ssi output version
7252 AMCI two channel LDT interface
SD17060B AMCI 115 VAC | 6.3Arms/8.9A peak microstepping stepper motor driver
3102i AMCI two-axis motion controller with linear & circular interpolation
NX2A4D AMCI resolver interface: DeviceNet
R11X-C10/3-1 AMCI size 11 (1.1" diameter) resolver
R11X-J10/7G AMCI size 11 (1.1" diameter) resolver
Remote Display AMCI remote display
R11X-J10/7 AMCI size 11 (1.1" diameter) resolver
H25-SE-RXA AMCI replaces Allen-Bradley 846-SJHA1CG-RX
HT-20L AMCI Nitrile seal

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