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Реле времени Alstom MVTU

DT1-362 ALSTOM Dead tank circuit breaker for 362 kV
iSTAT M355 ALSTOM Power Quality Analyser
MS 3000 ALSTOM Transformers' monitoring system
Alstom Reason RT411 ALSTOM Managable Switch
GL314(X) to GL318(X) ALSTOM Live tank circuit breakers from 245 kV to 800 kV
GL 309 ALSTOM Live tank circuit breaker for 72.5 kV
COSI PC12 ALSTOM Primary converter
BiTRONICS M572 ALSTOM Dual line, dual bus IED
Agile P44T ALSTOM rail catenary distance protection
Agile P842 ALSTOM mesh-corner DAR
KITZ 274 ALSTOM interface
GL 107X ALSTOM Live tank circuit breaker from 36 kV up to 40.5 kV
S3CD ALSTOM Double Side Break Disconnector up to 550 kV
MU Agile AMU ALSTOM Analogue Merging Unit
GL 313 ALSTOM Live tank circuit breaker for 170 kV
Agile P541 ALSTOM line differential relay
Agile P542 ALSTOM line differential relay
Agile P59x ALSTOM MUX interface units
BiTRONICS M870D ALSTOM Detached Display Unit
BiTRONICS M871 ALSTOM Monitoring and Recording IED
Reason MU320 ALSTOM Integrated Analogue and Digital Merging Unit
BiTRONICS M651 ALSTOM Transducer
Agile P546 ALSTOM line differential with subcycle distance

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