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Реле Alstom RFS3420

Agile P642, P643 and P645 ALSTOM transformer protection
Agile P441, P442 and P444 ALSTOM distance protection
Alstom Reason RT430 ALSTOM Managable Switch
MU AGILE XMU 800 ALSTOM merging unit
VCB ALSTOM V-Type Centre break disconnector up to 145 kV
Agile P14x ALSTOM feeder management relay
P50 Agile P253 ALSTOM Motor protection relay
Agile P741, P742, P743 ALSTOM busbar schemes
OSKF ALSTOM Current Transformer up to 800 kV
S2DA ALSTOM Centre break disconnector up to 550kV
Agile P841 ALSTOM auto-reclose and check synchronising
SPVL ALSTOM Semi-Pantograph Disconnector up to 1000 kV
KOTEF 72 ALSTOM Combined Metering Unit (CMU)
OSKF 72 ALSTOM Current Transformer (CT)
S3CVS ALSTOM Vertical Break Disconnector up to 72 kV
S3CV ALSTOM Vertical Break Disconnector up to 245 kV
iSTAT M2x3 ALSTOM High Performance Measurement Centre
GL 310-311-312 ALSTOM Live tank circuit breaker from 100 kV up to 145 kV
BCVB ALSTOM Vertical Break Disconnector up to 800 kV
Agile P443, P445 and P446 ALSTOM MiCOMho distance
iSTAT M2x2 ALSTOM Standard Measurement Centre family
MVAJ 11 to 34 ALSTOM trip relays
MiCOM C264 ALSTOM Bay Controller Unit
BiTRONICS 70 Series ALSTOM Measurement System

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