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Привод AMCI SD17040C

HTT-400-180 AMCI dual resolver, 180 turn transducer - 1" NPT conduit fitting
HT-20 AMCI end connector
NX3B2C-17 AMCI shut height controller:ControlNet
H25-SL-15 AMCI servo mount, 15 foot integral cable
1200 AMCI ControlLogix : one or two channel resolver interface with brake monitor : 1241 / 1242
2731-33 AMCI PLC-5 : programmable limit switch module with top-stop control
HTT-400-1 AMCI redundant resolver transducers
1242 AMCI two channel resolver interface
iPCE AMCI intelligent programmable controller encoder
SD31045E AMCI 230 VAC | 4.5 amp/6.4 ethernet/ip stepper motor drive/indexer
SD17060E AMCI 115 VAC - 6.0Arms/8.4A peak microstepping indexer/driver
3202 AMCI ControlLogix : two-axis stepper motor controller
R11X-J12/3 AMCI size 11 (1.1" diameter) resolver
SD31060I AMCI 230 VAC - 6.0Arms/8.4A peak microstepping stepper motor indexer/driver: SD31060IC (ControlNet) SD31060ID (DeviceNet) SD31060IE (Ethernet IP)
H25-FE-R3HC-11 AMCI flange mount, end connector - stainless steel, high temperature unit
R11X-A10/7 AMCI size 11 (1.1" diameter) resolver
NX3M1_ AMCI NEXUS : encoder programmable limit switch
7700 AMCI PLC-5 : linear displacement transducer interface modules: 7751 / 7752
Modbus-TCP NR25 AMCI rotary encoder - Modbus-TCP single-turn and multi-turn
2762-17 AMCI shut height controller
R11 AMCI 1.1" bare resolver sensors
NX2A4E AMCI resolver interface: Ethernet IP
SD31045 AMCI 230 VAC - 4.5Arms/6.4A peak microstepping stepper motor driver
R11W-F10/7-2 AMCI size 11 (1.1" diameter) resolver

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