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Преобразователь SENSONICS PZDC

RA8606 Sensonics Rack assembly for 6 Sentry module positions
MO9601 Sensonics single channel absolute / bearing vibration monitor
MO8609 Sensonics single channel LVDT position/expansion monitor
DC8042 Sensonics LVDT Displacement Transducer
DN8030 Sensonics 4-20mA sink,mV/g input, acceleration or velocity vibration transmitter
PZCS Sensonics Accelerometer
PZS2 Sensonics Accelerometer
MO8612 Sensonics mark – space differential expansion monitor
MO8610 Sensonics dual channel phase marker, 1/rev monitor
MO8616 Sensonics voting module,2 out of 3
MC9601 Sensonics 2, 4, 6 or 8 channel vibration & temperaturemonitor
PZV3 Sensonics Velocity Transducer
PRS02 Sensonics Eddy Current Proximity Probe
MO8606 Sensonics reverse rotation monitor
VibrA Pro Sensonics pocket PC based vibration analyser
MO8604 Sensonics dual channel rod drop monitor
PZS3 Sensonics Accelerometer
MO8608 Sensonics single channel speed (over speed / zero speed) monitor
MO9609 Sensonics single channel LVDT position/expansion monitor
DN2612 Sensonics dual channel relative / shaft vibration monitor
PRR04 Sensonics Eddy Current Proximity Probe
DN8038 Sensonics 4-20mA, speed transmitter, TTL tacho output +24V
PZDC2 Sensonics Velocity Transducer

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