EX-Equipment > Пожарная панель Autronica BU-210

Пожарная панель Autronica BU-210

AutroSense 75 aspirating detector BW-75/AUTS Autronica
Front plate UW-1484/3 Autronica
Straight pipe L=3M HFBS 25 Autronica
AutroFlame X33AF PL for PowerLoop Autronica
Manual call point BF-500V2/EX Autronica
Inergen release station BF-53/Ex/0400 Autronica
Pinter Unit BUP-400 Autronica
Output module BSJ-310 Autronica
Digital monitoring module BRG-APS78 Autronica
Zonal panel BU-65/2-32 Autronica
Cabinet Loudspeaker CP66/T, 6W Autronica
BD-27/T Heat Detector Autronica
CO2 release station BF-503/Ex/0200 Autronica
SWM-1KL 140 heat detector Autronica
FireRay® 5000 beam detector - 50-100 m Autronica
Fire Alarm Control Panel BS-310/104 Autronica
Release station BF-503/N/0400, green Autronica
Horn speaker BBR-DK-15/T PP Autronica
BO-CD digital power amplifier 250W, double Autronica
AutroSense Micra 100 high-sensitivity aspirating smoke detector Autronica
PowerLoop 4-20 mA input unit BN-342, rack mounted Autronica
MultiSensor BHH-520/EX Autronica

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