EX-Equipment > Панель управления Deckma AFMS 3000

Панель управления Deckma AFMS 3000

LED Lamp Deckma MARS
Doorholder 2000 N Deckma 721 + 722
HNA steering lamp Deckma 1004 / 1006
EXIT sign lamp Deckma DE-EXIT 0631
LED Lamp Deckma PLUTO
Ballast unit Deckma DE-GIBA 400 HPS/MH
Galley fluorescent luminaires Deckma DE-GIG 218
Navigation lantern for vessels up to 50 m Deckma Serie 500
Rotating beacon Deckma B300RTH
Wall lamp Deckma OMEGA II
Halogen - Searchlight bridge operated Deckma SH ... B

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