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Насос M&C TechGroup MP-F05

93S0053 M&C TechGroup Adaptor for probe filter element F–0,1GF
90A0048 M&C TechGroup Spare pump 1 Nl/min PMA 10/15
03B2565 M&C TechGroup End–fitting type Z/Ex for heated sample line type 3, DN8/10mm
03K3000A M&C TechGroup Pre–cooling unit VC–1–SL, wall mounting of an aluminium cooling block equipped with 1 jet stream heat exchanger EC–G out of Duran® glass with GL connector, sample gas in/out GL18–6 mm, Condensate out GL25–12 mm and 1 fan under the heat exchanger with defl
02K7610X M&C TechGroup Compressor gas cooler type ECM–Ex2–2
05V1045 M&C TechGroup Male connector DN4/6–G1/8", material: PVDF
05V3900 M&C TechGroup Female connector G1/4"i–DN4/6, material PVDF
90E1010 M&C TechGroup PVDF–ring for LA 1S, LA1, 16
03G9025 M&C TechGroup Extra charge for two additional check gas solenoid valves, power: 230V/50Hz
20S4022 M&C TechGroup Gas sample dilution probe type SP2000–H/DIL–B, with bypass–injector without gas recirculation
93S0051 M&C TechGroup Adaptor for probe filter element F–0,1GF
40S1000 M&C TechGroup Portable gas sample probe type PSP4000–H
90F0141 M&C TechGroup Filter glass type F–120G–D/F connection thread GL25 with fritted disc
01B6315EX M&C TechGroup Self–regulated heated sample line type 3/80–4Ex
50A3000 M&C TechGroup Wall mounting bracket, dimensions: 84TE, 3HE, RAL 7032 for 19" rack housing version
80A1220 M&C TechGroup EEx explosion proof heating 02E1000 M&C TechGroup Optical flow alarm sensor type FA1 bi
03B3030W M&C TechGroup Heated sample line type 3N6/8–W
90S2050 M&C TechGroup PT100 sensor for SP21–H
90K6042 M&C TechGroup Diaphram for solenoid valve EC-30
20S9071 M&C TechGroup Extra charge for further 500mm probe tube type PV
01B6505EX M&C TechGroup Self–regulated heated sample line type 5/30–4Ex
90F3535 M&C TechGroup CLF–5/W spare part set II diaphram–filter flat ring
05V1087 M&C TechGroup Male connector DN10/12–G1/2", material: PVDF
10B1111 M&C TechGroup Electrically heated union tube fitting type V8–H1 in a housing
06B1040T M&C TechGroup Self limiting heating tape type ESR-40-BOT covering tefzell 40W/m, 230V 50Hz
03B4040W M&C TechGroup Heated sample line type 4M6/8–W
02E9000 M&C TechGroup Extra charge per meter connecting cable for FA–1, FA–2, FA–3
90A0010 M&C TechGroup Measuring cell type PMC–1 (not for PMA15)
90G3005 M&C TechGroup Solenoid valve 2/2–way 6011 for CSS 115V 60Hz
93S0073 M&C TechGroup Silicon cap SP2000H/210 sample out Material: Silicon grey
95A9080 M&C TechGroup Frontring complete for converter type CG–2
90P1005 M&C TechGroup Tube Set for peristaltic pump SR25 with PVDF tube connection 6/8mm
03A9105 M&C TechGroup Portable housing for PMA, Dimensions: 150x193x270mm
90F0112 M&C TechGroup Filter element type F–200P190
20S9398 M&C TechGroup Heated adapter tube type AR–500–R to put up a pre–filter type V12–1
03A9320 M&C TechGroup Extra charge for PMA 100 as solvent resistant execution with measuring cell type PMC–1LB
01G9080 M&C TechGroup Extra charge for conditioning units type PSS/SS with flowmeter type FM40 (incl
01F3085 M&C TechGroup Extra charge for FT–
90A1011 M&C TechGroup Neoporosit septum, 100 pieces, for PMA15
01B6420EX M&C TechGroup Self–regulated heated sample line type 4/100–4Ex
93K0030 M&C TechGroup Fine fuse 0,8AT 5x20, (F1/F2) ECP1000
06V8040 M&C TechGroup Hose nozzles D6–G3/8", material: PP
02F1490 M&C TechGroup Universal filter type FP–2GF–D, with GL25–condensate outlet in the glass body and glass–fiber filter element, filter porosity: 2µm
90F0075 M&C TechGroup Filter head type FP including mounting socket and o–ring, material: PVDF, Viton®
90F0120 M&C TechGroup Filter element type F–2K150
09F1020 M&C TechGroup Flowmeter type FM–1/500, corrosion resistant version
20S5700 M&C TechGroup Gas sample probe type SP3200/Ex for zone 2
01G6180 M&C TechGroup CSS-VC TCU add-on Bus for external modules, part No
90A1040 M&C TechGroup Needle holder complete without filter and needle for PMA15
95A9040A M&C TechGroup Electronik complete for converter type CG 115V
01B6315 M&C TechGroup Self–regulated heated sample line type 3/80–4 with PTFE–tube DN4/6 and corrugated tube outside
03B5000W M&C TechGroup Heated sample line type 5N4/6–W
90S0011 M&C TechGroup Thermostat 100–300°C for SP21–H/300 probe diameter 8mm
20S9345 M&C TechGroup Solenoid valve unit 2 for Probe series SP2000 with 2 solenoid valves of SS316/Viton® to control: pneumatic drive and blowback/calibration
02E7200a M&C TechGroup Electronic controller type FAC–1 monostable, single channel version in 19inch Euro card format 6TE, with fault and operation indication
91F2000 M&C TechGroup Heating cartridge for FM
09F9540 M&C TechGroup Connector/nipple GL25 10–12mm PV
90F0058 M&C TechGroup Stainless steel filter element clamp type F–SS for deep filtering elements
90K2000 M&C TechGroup ECP20 control electronic, complete
90P5035 M&C TechGroup Con–rod extention for heated diaphragm pump type MP26H
90K5035 M&C TechGroup Cooling unit type EC–Ex
20S9019 M&C TechGroup Flow and pressure limiter valve type RD Connection 1/4" RT– 6mm Material: SS
20S9025 M&C TechGroup Execution for probe SP2000–H/PT100 With PT100–sensor instead of thermostat
94S0035 M&C TechGroup PTFE cone seal temperature measuring PSP4000

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