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Многоканальный дефектоскоп Eddyfi Ectane 2

PRBT-ADAPT-41x6 Eddyfi 41-pin male Amphenol to 6-pin male Jaeger (switchable) ECT bobbin probe adapter
PRBT-NFA-BBAA-184MF-Nzz Eddyfi NFA Probe
PRBT-IRIS-CBL-N30 Eddyfi Nylon cable, diameter 7.9 mm (0.313 in),30 m long
PRBT-ECT-BBFS-194MF-Nzz Eddyfi Bobbin Probe
PRBT-MFL-ADT-170-Nzz Eddyfi MFL Probe
PRBT-NFT-BBAD-130MF-Nzz Eddyfi NFT Bobbin Probe
ECA-SFD-034-500-032-N03S Eddyfi Surface ECA Probe
PRBT-NFT-BBAD-170MF-Nzz Eddyfi NFT Bobbin Probe
ECA-IFG-056-250-048-N03S Eddyfi Surface ECA Probe
PRBT-NFA-BBAA-124MF-Nzz Eddyfi NFA Probe
PRBT-NFA-BBAA-296MF-Nzz Eddyfi NFA Probe
Reddy Eddyfi Turnkey Eddy Current Array Made Portable
REFPL-SS316-0318-STDCAL01 Eddyfi Reference Plate
PRBT-NFA-BBAA-200MF-Nzz Eddyfi NFA Probe
PRBT-ECT-BBFS-224MF-Nzz Eddyfi Bobbin Probe
PRBT-IRIS-TB-170 Eddyfi Turbine Diameter 17 mm (0.669 in)
ECTANE2-E256 Eddyfi Ectane® 2 Test Instrument
ECTANE2-ERNM Eddyfi Ectane® 2 Test Instrument
PRBT-NFA-BBAA-236MF-Nzz Eddyfi NFA Probe
ECA-IFG-079-250-048-N03S Eddyfi Surface ECA Probe
PRBT-NFA-BBAA-130MF-Nzz Eddyfi NFA Probe
PRBT-NFA-BBAA-138MF-Nzz Eddyfi NFA Probe
PRBT-IRIS-TD-10M-508 Eddyfi 10 MHz transducer, 50.8 mm focal length
ECA-RBD-070-500-064-N03S Eddyfi Surface ECA Probe
ECTANE2-E128RNMI Eddyfi Ectane® 2 Test Instrument

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