EX-Equipment > Контроллер Autronica 116-KIT-BC-320-206

Контроллер Autronica 116-KIT-BC-320-206

Heat Detector BD-501 Autronica
Fire Alarm Control Panel BS-320M/200 Autronica
Cabinet BV-310 Autronica
ESPA interface module BSL-333 Autronica
Smoke Detector BHH-500 Autronica
BD-26/T Heat Detector Autronica
Ceiling speaker BBR-DEL 130/6 PP Autronica
Day/night control unit with pushbuttons BW-202 Autronica
BD-55/225EXD Conventional D-A-F Heat Detector Autronica
Digital mikrofonkonsoll BRG-APS324.1 Autronica
Communication module BSL-310 Autronica
BRG-APS-59.1-LAN 4 Communication Module Autronica
AutroPoint H2 gas detector Autronica
AutroFlame X33AF Alu., adressable Autronica
AutroFlame X22AF Alu. Autronica
Front plate UW-1484/4 Autronica
Operation Panel BR-210/01.1 for BR-200. Autronica
EX barrier unit BZ-500 Autronica
Smoke Detector BHH-200 Autronica
Door monitoring and control unit BN-320/D-L Autronica
Amplifier 250W type BRG-BO-250 Autronica

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