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Клапан Herose 541772

01331.X.W HEROSE Globe Valve
03331.Х.*002 HEROSE Globe Valve
06322.X.0020 HEROSE Overflow Valve
03341.X.0012 HEROSE Globe Valve DIN EN Flanges
06388.X.6000 HEROSE Safety Valve
28841.X.*0*0 HEROSE „Fire safe" Topwork extended for Globe Valve and Globe/Check Valve
Overflow Valve HEROSE Type 06195
07017.X.0000 HEROSE Fill cluster
06477.X.5000 HEROSE Safety Valve
06260.X.0000 HEROSE Safety Valve
06002.X.*000 HEROSE Safety Valve
Pressure Reducing Valve HEROSE Type 08011
06006.X.0000 HEROSE Safety Valve
Topwork HEROSE Type 28351
01541.X.0024 HEROSE Globe Valve
01641.X.502* HEROSE Globe Valve "fire-safe"
09320.X.120200 HEROSE Flanged Gate Valve
01335.X.0006 HEROSE Globe Valve
01332.X.000* HEROSE Globe Valve Angle Type
01343.Х.101* HEROSE Globe Valve with actuator
01641.X.0014 HEROSE Globe Valve "fire-safe"
05411.X.0001 HEROSE Check Valve
Safety Valve HEROSE Type 06315
06012.X.0000Part HEROSE Safety Valve
01341.X.001* HEROSE Globe Valve
03341.X.5022 HEROSE Globe Valve DIN EN Flanges
Gate Valve HEROSE Type 09065
06425.X.2000 HEROSE Safety Valve
01311.X.5027 HEROSE Globe Valve
06805.X.*000 HEROSE Safety Valve with bellow seal
Topwork HEROSE Type 29340
Strainer HEROSE Type 08170
Pneumatic Actuator HEROSE Type 27522
Globe Valve HEROSE Type 01755
06002.X.0000 HEROSE Safety Valve
03641.X.0012 HEROSE Globe Valve "fire-safe" DIN EN Flanges
06216.X.0000 HEROSE Safety Valve
Strainer HEROSE Type 08415
27514.DP34.T0PO HEROSE Pneumatic Actuator
01345.X.0016 HEROSE Globe Valve
Handwheel HEROSE Type 55317
01028.X.0000 HEROSE Self Closing Globe Valve
06805.X.0000 HEROSE Bellow sealed Safety Valve
06413.X.6000 HEROSE Safety Valve
06012.X.5000 HEROSE Safety Valve
06001.X.2000 HEROSE Safety Valve
01641.X.5014 HEROSE Globe Valve "fire-safe"
01420.Х.0781 HEROSE Top-Entry-Valve - Globe Valve
Accessories for actuated Globe Valve HEROSE Type 08002
09420.X.0160 HEROSE Gate Valve
Topwork HEROSE Type 28311
Globe Valve HEROSE Type 03090

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