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Калибратор Burster DIGISTANT 4420

2387 Burster KELVIN Test Tong
2382 Burster Clamping Device
4462 Burster High Precision Calibration Source DIGISTANTВ® for Voltage, Current and Thermocoupels
9205 Burster USB Interface
1178 Burster Precision and High Precision Resistor
4423 Burster Mobile Precision Smart Sensor Interface for Connection to Calibrator DIGISTANTВ®
2320 Burster Battery-Operated Milliohmmeter RESISTOMATВ®
4530 Burster Precision RTD Simulator
8411 Burster Subminiature Load Cell
9163 Burster Digital Indicator
9243 Burster Amplifier Module
9206 Burster USB Multisensor Interface
7281 Burster Mobile High Precision Calibrating and Testing Device for mechanical and electrical values TRANS CAL 7281
8221 Burster High Pressure Transducer
2408 Burster Digital Teraohmmeter
2304 Burster High-Precision Automatic Inspection and Test Unit RESISTOMATВ®
8711 Burster Potentiometric Displacement Sensor
8820 Burster Potentiometric Angle of Rotation Sensor
1407 Burster High-Precision Resistance Decade and Calibrator
5410 Burster Switch Testing Device DIGISWITCH
8263 Burster High Precision Pressure Transducer
8628 Burster Torque Sensor for non-rotary applications
2354 Burster Ohmmeter RESISTOMATВ®
7160 Burster Mobile Precision Smart Sensor Interface 7160
85073 Burster Precision Load Cell
4423 Burster Documenting Universal Calibrator DIGISTANTВ®

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