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Изолятор ALSTOM S390

Reason RPV311 ALSTOM Digital Fault Recorder with PMU and TWFL
Agile P543 ALSTOM line differential with subcycle distance
KVGC ALSTOM voltage regulating control relay
SVC ALSTOM Utility Static Var Compensator
CBWatch-2 ALSTOM Modular circuit breaker monitoring system
Agile P24x ALSTOM motor management relay
MMLZ ALSTOM auxiliary modules
Agile P847 ALSTOM phasor measurement unit
S3C ALSTOM Double Side Break Disconnector up to 300 kV
S3CVL ALSTOM Vertical Break Disconnector up to 550 kV
B105 ALSTOM Gas insulated Substation up to 300 kV
HYpact ALSTOM Hybrid compact switchgear assembly
Agile P94V ALSTOM Voltage and Frequency IED
MSCDN ALSTOM Reactive power compensation equipment for extra high voltage
DT2-550 F3 ALSTOM Dead tank SF6 circuit breaker 550 kV
MCAG ALSTOM high impedance bus differential
iSTAT i500 ALSTOM High Performance Multifunction Transducer
CTH ALSTOM Current Transformer up to 800 kV
ISTAT i4X ALSTOM Communication interfaces
iSTAT i400 ALSTOM Standard Transducers
OTCF ALSTOM Capacitor Voltage Transformer (up to 800 kV)
Agile P547 ALSTOM phase comparison relay
MFAC ALSTOM high impedance bus differential
SPO ALSTOM Knee type disconnector up to 1200 KV

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