EX-Equipment > Газовый детектор Autronica 116-5861-011.6100

Газовый детектор Autronica 116-5861-011.6100

Input unit BN-500/EX Autronica
Power supply module 24V/25Amp. Autronica
Conduit box BWP-100/25, dust and jet proof version Autronica
Heat Detector BDH-500/N Autronica
Controller BC-320/203 Autronica
Heat Detector BD-502/EX Autronica
AutroSense 75 aspirating detector BW-75/ADS Autronica
Deluge release station BF-503/Ex/0300 Autronica
Base Adapter BWB-110 Autronica
BNK-34A/24 Loop Interface Unit Autronica
PowerLoop 4-20 mA input unit BN-342/EX Autronica
AutroFlame X33AF SS, adressable Autronica
BO-CD digital power amplifier 150W, single Autronica
Front plate UW-1483/3 Autronica
Amplifier 100W type BRG-BO-100 Autronica
Manual call point with SelfVerify. High-current version Autronica
BN-40A/2 Address/Interface Unit Autronica
Spacer UE-1662 Autronica
Printer ribbon ERC09P Autronica
Input unit BN-500/N Autronica
AutroPoint TX50, H2S gas detector, Alu Autronica
AutroFlame X22AF SS Autronica

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