EX-Equipment > Детектор пламени, головка Autronica 116-5861-010.2010

Детектор пламени, головка Autronica 116-5861-010.2010

IR Flame detector head 601FEX-M Autronica
Dual Power Monitoring Module BSS-311 Autronica
BHH-31A/S Smoke Detector Head Autronica
Repeater Panel BS-211 Autronica
Manual call point BF-502 Autronica
Manual call point BF-300M/EXE Autronica
Low location lights unit BN-320/LLL Autronica
Single PROFIBUS converter BSL-332/1 Autronica
Function module BRG-APS53 Autronica
Information Panel BV-320M/500 Autronica
MultiSensor BHH-320 Autronica
Mounting kit UW-1454 Autronica
Manual call-point BF-300 Autronica
Modbus converter BSL-330 Autronica
xWatch surveillance camera Alu. Autronica
Function module BRG-APS52 Autronica
Fire Alarm Control Panel BS-310/203 Autronica
Digital monitoring module BRG-APS79 Autronica
Operator panel BR-210/45 for BR-45 Autronica
Medium to large voice alarm system BR-200 Autronica
Manual call point BF-503/0100, red Autronica
AutroFlame X98AF SS Autronica

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