EX-Equipment > Детектор пламени Esser Honeywell IQ 8 802385

Детектор пламени Esser Honeywell IQ 8 802385

583473.21 ESSER Input cable DOM (G1) – Amplifier (as of G2)
781695 ESSER Protective cover for manual call points, French
704984 ESSER Surface mount housing for small MCP, green, similar to RAL 6002
789862.10 ESSER Field bus interface PLus
MX53110.DP ESSER Data points for IGIS MB/HB series, 500 data points
767019 ESSER Door retainer DH50-N490-UM
13617 ESSER WINMAG installation upgrade as of version 6
060430.10 ESSER Test gas for smoke detector tester 805582
801549 ESSER Diagnostics tool for TITANUS EB
18002 ESSER Battery 12 V DC/2.1 Ah capacity
761310 ESSER OSID installation kit
18006 ESSER Battery 12V DC/24Ah capacity
581310 ESSER Measuring microphone for D1 ALR in a 5’’ recessed ceiling housing
761246 ESSER Sensor cable, black
784859 ESSER 8000 FACP remote SEI serial essernet interface
789864 ESSER Serial connecting cable for 789862.10
767153 ESSER Ex holding magnet
761303 ESSER OSID Emitter Standard Power, Battery Version
581731 ESSER Battery for Emergency Power Supply 12 V/150 Ah
MX53130.DP ESSER 500 data points for Telenot
801515.10 ESSER Compact unit TITANUS PRO SENSВ® EB
583444 ESSER Backup cable RC 44 VARIODYNВ® D1, 2 m
784732 ESSER Route map housing for DIN A4 expansion, German
766238 ESSER Base with side cable entry, white
FX808443 ESSER Housing assembly
582460 ESSER 16 W Spherical Speaker EN 54, ABS
18009 ESSER Battery 12 V DC/38 Ah capacity
43150 ESSER Remote indicator for conventional detector series 9000, green, flashing
580242 ESSER Four channel amplifier 4XD125B
581286 ESSER Ceramic Terminal and Thermal Fuse
583342 ESSER Loop Isolator Modul LIM
582601.W ESSER Electronically controllable line array LFI-220HW
704985 ESSER Surface mount housing for small MCP, gray, similar to RAL 7035
808214 ESSER FACP IQ8Control M package 1
801562 ESSER Aspiration reducing film sheet, 5.0 mm
13609 ESSER WINMAGplus control center software - subsequent upgrade
057650.20 ESSER DS 7600 ISDN communication module with speech function
MX53810.DP ESSER Data points for BACnet client, 500 data points
584926 ESSER 19"- cabinet light 230V / 11W
767018 ESSER Door retainer DH50-N490-UM
761305 ESSER OSID Emitter High Power
704964 ESSER Resettable element for small MCP
583941 ESSER VARIODYN В® D1 Comprio 4-24 (Stand alone)
772479 ESSER Peripheral module
704903 ESSER MCP housing large with glass pane, orange, similar to RAL 2011
704953 ESSER Housing for small MCP, orange, similar to RAL 2011
785596 ESSER Rain protection cover for FSKB 2003
764852 ESSER Converter RS232/RS485
789863 ESSER USB cable A/B for 789862.10 field bus and panel interface
804880.10 ESSER Kit DCF77 radio time module for IQ8Control and FlexES Control
583710 ESSER Dummy plate for 4 HE for DCSF and DKM
788036 ESSER Fire protection cabinet F30 L
769070 ESSER Test gas for smoke detector testers 769870.20
57850 ESSER ISDN terminal box
767032 ESSER Anchor plate DH70-AP-SX
769915 ESSER Spare keys (No. 901)
583708.ES ESSER Ventilation box 1 HU with EATER Logo
761330 ESSER IP66-Gehäuse für OSID Standard-Lichtquelle (Emitter)
582452 ESSER 30 W Sound Column EN 54
804870 ESSER Alarm and monitoring module for IQ8TAM
704980 ESSER Surface mount housing for small MCP, red, similar to RAL 3020
MX53615 ESSER Driver RWT Bus-Controller 970
766431 ESSER Combination signaling device EN 54-23, wall mounting, white flash
772180 ESSER Terminal card for MCP long distances 761630
MX53600 ESSER Driver TDM/ASCOM emergency call system
583616 ESSER Expansion by 20 loudspeaker zones
MX53900.DP ESSER Data points for Modbus IP client, 500 data points
801559 ESSER Aspiration reducing film sheet, 4.2 mm
584946 ESSER Leveling feet for free-standing cabinet or 19" housing
584102 ESSER Integrated surge protection for Ethernet or DAL Bus
704965 ESSER Protective kit for MCP and TAL, transparent
801551 ESSER Aspiration reducing film sheet, 2.0 mm
808613.30 ESSER esserbus transponder SIE for 3rd party extinguishing panels
584921 ESSER Angle sliding rail (Set) 250 mm for swing frame
584911 ESSER Upright Cabinet without Hinged Frame 42 HU
766420 ESSER Optical alarm signaling device EN54-23, red, wall mounting
772387 ESSER Interface module TTY/CL 20 mA
CWW ESSER Base deep IP 65, white
583651 ESSER PAMMI Plus PA Server
583391 ESSER Wireless Receiver FU 20.00 pro
807372.SV99 ESSER IQ8Alarm/FSp signaler with isolator, red, customized version
MX53700.DP ESSER Data points for OPC server, 500 data points
805576 ESSER Label plate for detector base IQ8Quad
802385.N0 ESSER O2T/FSp multisensor fire detector IQ8Quad with isolator, Nordic
FX808440 ESSER Dummy cover for heavy-duty drawer PSU, 5 HU
788606 ESSER Housing for SEI
582461 ESSER 20 W Spherical Speaker EN 54, ABS
804950 ESSER Conventional MCP electronic module
584100 ESSER Surge voltage protection module for connection to the mains
761401.10 ESSER Reflector set for LRMX, for ranges of up to 80 m
583492 ESSER Audio-connection cable length 1.8 m
788401 ESSER Indicating and operating panel for ECP 8010, English
785078 ESSER Key box adapter SDA 3000
583316.SM ESSER LWL-converter for central single mode
MX53510 ESSER Driver ZK primeWebSystems

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