EX-Equipment > Детектор пламени Autronica 116-5861-011.4393

Детектор пламени Autronica 116-5861-011.4393

Medium voice alarm system BR-45 Autronica
Normal bend 90DEG HFNB 16 Autronica
BD-55/360EXDN Conventional D-A-F Heat Detector Autronica
Universal input module BRG-APS02 Autronica
MultiSensor BHH-520/EXE Autronica
AutroFlame X32AF Autronica
Door monitoring and control unit BN-320/D-XS, extra small Autronica
Sprinkler control unit BN-320/5 Autronica
Loop driver module BSD-311, H.P. Autronica
Front plate UW-1483/2 Autronica
Deluge Release Point BF-53/Ex/0300 Autronica
BD-55/360EXD Conventional D-A-F Heat Detector Autronica
Cabinet/wall-mounted speaker BBR-WAL 165/6 PP Autronica
Release station BF-503/0300, yellow Autronica
Ceiling loudspeaker BBR-GM3303 Autronica
Front plate UW-1484/1 Autronica
Input unit BN-300M Autronica
Amplifier 50W type BRG-BO-50 Autronica
Output module for speaker lines BRG-APS64 Autronica
MP3 Player module BRG-APS19.1 Autronica
Main processor/ control module BRG-APS990 Autronica
Power supply module BRG-APS90.1 Autronica

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