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Датчик TRAFAG 8891.32.3315

T400 Trafag Marine transmitter for PT100 sensors
EPN60.0A Trafag Engine Pressure Transmitter
PST4B40F4 Trafag Picostat Pressure Switch
ISNT15065 Trafag Navistat
ECT6.0A Trafag Industrial Pressure Transmitter
CMP10.0M Trafag CANopen Miniature Pressure Transmitter
ECL0.5A Trafag Submersible Pressure Transmitter
8810 Trafag OEM pressure sensor
PD3.4 Trafag Differential Pressure Pressostat
SC35CAN Trafag Sensor communicator
NAT250.0V Trafag Industrial Pressure Transmitter
NPN16.0AF4 Trafag Picotrans
L230S Trafag Laborstat
NAT400.0A Trafag Industrial Pressure Transmitter
FPT25.0A Trafag Flush Membrane Transmitter
CMP6.0M Trafag CANopen Miniature Pressure Transmitter
MS350S Trafag Ministat
PST4B254 Trafag Picostat Pressure Switch
ISN15015 Trafag Navistat
ND6 Trafag Differential Pressure Transmitter
EPR 829 Trafag Railway Pressure Transmitter
ECT6.0V Trafag Industrial Pressure Transmitter
L95R Trafag Labor Limistat
PVF2.5 Trafag Vari Pressostat
NPN6.0A4 Trafag Picotrans
ISNT11065 Trafag Navistat

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