EX-Equipment > Датчик температуры PYROMATION K43U-036-00-9HP31

Датчик температуры PYROMATION K43U-036-00-9HP31

JMH2G Pyromation Penetration Style Thermocouple Sensor
JMMB34 Pyromation Adjustable Tip Melt-Bolt Thermocouple
16B Pyromation Ceramic Protection Tube
Model 70-80 Pyromation Hazardous Location Explosion-Proof-Approved, Thermocouple Assemblies with Thermowells
RBF185PGM3 Pyromation Penetration Style Sensor
J24-3-304 Pyromation Thermocouple Wire
16CH Pyromation Ceramic Protection Tube
T-82 Pyromation Temperature Transmitter for Sensors with Connection Heads
34D Pyromation Die-Cast Aluminum Screw-Cover GP Connection Heads
R3T185L68R383 Pyromation Fast Temperature Response RTDs with CIP Fittings
H Pyromation Drilled Thermowell
R24U Pyromation High-Temperature Thermocouple Assemblies
HL30-TTBSU Pyromation Miniature Thermocouple Sensor
JHD2G Pyromation Penetration Style Thermocouple Sensor
RAT185H Pyromation RTD Assembly with Extension Leadwire
HF Pyromation Flanged Thermowell
TP48G Pyromation Heat-Tracing Temperature Sensor
16WH Pyromation Ceramic Protection Tube
RBF185L Pyromation Water-Tight RTD Assembly with Optional Series 450 Temperature Transmitter
R5T185L484 Pyromation Water-Tight CIP RTD Assemblies With Optional Series 450 Integral Transmitters
T24-3-595 Pyromation Thermocouple Wire
JLH2G Pyromation Penetration Style Thermocouple Sensor
SW Pyromation Drilled Thermowell
49C Pyromation Die-Cast Aluminum Flip Top Connection Heads

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