EX-Equipment > Control Valve HEROSE Type 04020

Control Valve HEROSE Type 04020

01131X.0000 HEROSE Globe Valve
01311.X.0018 HEROSE Globe Valve
01313.X.1010 HEROSE Actuated Globe Valve
01322.X.002* HEROSE Globe Valve Angle Type
01351.Х.*00* HEROSE Globe Valve
01355.X.5001 HEROSE Globe Valve
01651.X.000* HEROSE Globe Valve "fire-safe"
01651.Х.*00* HEROSE „Fire safe" Globe Valve
01655.X.0006 HEROSE Globe Valve "fire-safe"
01751.X.5004 HEROSE Globe Valve
01845.X.0021 HEROSE Globe Valve "fire-safe"
01851.X.5004 HEROSE Globe Valve "fire-safe"
01851.Х.*00* HEROSE „Fire safe" Globe Valve
02401.X.0001 HEROSE Globe Valve
02401.Х.*008 HEROSE Globe Valve
03321.X.5012 HEROSE Globe Valve
03331.X.0002 HEROSE Globe Valve DIN EN Flanges
03331.X.5002 HEROSE Globe Valve DIN EN Flanges
03331.Х.*003 HEROSE Globe Valve
03432.X.0000 HEROSE Bellow sealed Globe Valve
05115.X.0000 HEROSE Check Valve
06002.X.0000Part HEROSE Safety Valve
06386.X.9006 HEROSE Overflow Valve
06416.X.2000 HEROSE Safety Valve
06472.X.5000 HEROSE Safety Valve
06505.X.0000 HEROSE Safety Valve
08170.X.0000 HEROSE Strainer
08413.X.0001 HEROSE Strainer
08415.X.0001 HEROSE Strainer
08431.X.0002 HEROSE Strainer DIN EN Flanges
08432.X.0002 HEROSE Strainer DIN EN Flanges
08432.X.0003 HEROSE Strainer ANSI Flanges
09340.X.0024 HEROSE Gate Valve
15081.X.0000 HEROSE Ball Valve full bore
15081.XOOOO HEROSE Ball Valve full bore
27514.DP33.3O20 HEROSE Pneumatic Actuator
27515.DP34.5S02 HEROSE Pneumatic Actuator
28312.X.*0*0 HEROSE Topwork extended for Globe Valve Angle Type
40061.0200.C230 HEROSE Accessories for actuated Globe Valve
55317.X.0402 HEROSE Handwheels
Actuated Trailervalve "fire-safe" HEROSE Type 01653
Bellow Sealed Globe Valve HEROSE Type 03432
Check Valve, disc type HEROSE Type 05338
Control Valve HEROSE Type 04020
Globe Valve "fire-safe" HEROSE Type 01851
Globe Valve "fire-safe", DIN EN Flanges HEROSE Type 03641
Globe Valve Angle Type HEROSE Type 01342
Globe Valve, angle type HEROSE Type 01131
Pneumatic Actuator HEROSE Type 27515
Pressure Reducing Valve HEROSE Type 08015
Safety Valve HEROSE Type 06372
Safety Valve HEROSE Type 06386
Topwork HEROSE Type 28651

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