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Блок питания Extronics iUPS200

iSOLATE100M Extronics Intrinsically Safe PS2/Serial Interface Isolator (for use in the hazardous area)
BKEx Extronics Zone 1/ 21 Battery Box
iTAG102 Extronics Active GPS Tag
iANT220 Extronics Triple Polarised 3x3 MIMO Hazardous Area Antenna
iUPS101 Extronics Uninterruptible Power Supply for ATEX Zone 1 Areas
iWAP400 Extronics Zone 1 USB WIFI Adapter
iGAS700 Extronics Universal Detector Control Panel
iBATT100 Extronics Zone 1 Stainless Steel Battery Enclosure
GUB Extronics Flameproof Enclosure IIC
iANT213 Extronics Omni Directional Rugged Antenna
iTAG500 Extronics Passive UHF RFID Tags
MC9090 Extronics UHF RFID Reader
EJB INX Extronics Flameproof Stainless Steel Enclosure IIB
iANT219 Extronics Dual Polarised Directional Hazardous Area Antenna
iWAP200 Extronics Zone 2 Access Point Enclosure
iUPS200 Extronics Zone 2 Uninterruptible Power Supply
iRFID101 Extronics Enhanced UHF Reader

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