EX-Equipment > Аспирационный детектор Autronica 116-5861-018.1005

Аспирационный детектор Autronica 116-5861-018.1005

Operator panel BS-330G/GB400 Autronica
Monitored output unit with 7A relay BN-221/02 Autronica
Manual call point BF-31 Autronica
Zonal panel BU-65/2-16 Autronica
AutroBeam 100, receiver Autronica
Fire Alarm Control Panel BS-310/206 Autronica
BD-25 Heat Detector Autronica
Termination cabinet BT-323/1 Autronica
Fire Alarm Control Panel BS-200M Autronica
Controller BC-320M/200 Autronica
Ethernet communication board EAU-330/2 Autronica
Single mode fibre optic converter BSL-322 Autronica
AutroSense 200 aspirating detector Autronica
Fire Alarm Control Panel BS-310/111 Autronica
One-loop control panel BX-4 Autronica
Internal Master Volume Control Module BRG-APS43 Autronica
Watermist release station BF-53/Ex/0500 Autronica
Fire Alarm Control Panel BS-320/213 Autronica
BD-55/450EXDN Conventional D-A-F Heat Detector Autronica
Zonal panel BU-65/2-48 Autronica
Digital mikrofonkonsoll BRG-APS332.1 Autronica
WBJ-6/01 cordless heat detector test kit Autronica

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