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Анализатор ROGA-Instruments RogaDAQ2

AR-GXCH ROGA-Instruments Charge Amp
AR-GXST ROGA-Instruments Dynamic Strain Input Amp
TEAC LX-110 ROGA-Instruments 8 channel instrumentation data recorder
DASYLab ISO8041 ROGA-Instruments Human Vibration Measurement Add-On Module for DASYLab
Plug.n.DAQ ROGA-Instruments Compact 2channel in/out data acquisition device
AR-12PA8A ROGA-Instruments Amplifier Unit
AR-GXCAN ROGA-Instruments CAN Bus Module
PA-3000 ROGA-Instruments Portable 3 channel IEPE signal conditioner
MU-10 ROGA-Instruments 1/4” measurement microphone with USB PC interface
RogaDAQ16 ROGA-Instruments 16 channel USB 2.0 Front End
AR-12ST8A ROGA-Instruments Strain Amplifier Unit
707 ROGA-Instruments ICP ® (IEPE) piezoelectric acceleration sensor
HR-12 ROGA-Instruments PC Card
AR-GXPA ROGA-Instruments ICP Input Amp
PS-01 ROGA-Instruments IEPE Signal Conditioner
RX-series ROGA-Instruments PCM data recorder
RogaDAQ1 ROGA-Instruments 1 channel FFT Analyzer
MI-17 ROGA-Instruments 1/4" ICP measurement microphone with BNC connector
MC-20 ROGA-Instruments Vibration calibrator
RogaDAQ4 ROGA-Instruments Front End

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