EX-Equipment > Контроллер AMOT 4253A01R4AA00

Контроллер AMOT 4253A01R4AA00

Датчик скорости AMOT CONTROLS 8210 SPEEDTRAP™ Speed Switch
4395 Electric Trip Switch
Модуль AMOT CONTROLS 8073C Solid State Relay Module
4102D / 4102J Temperature Valves and 4102M Miniature Temperature Valves
2410 1/2" 2-Way Gas/Liquid Valve
4109 Vibro-Guard Vibration Valve
Контроллер AMOT CONTROLS SG80 Pneumatic Controller
Датчик скорости AMOT CONTROLS 11408X Magnetic Pickup
Датчик вибрации AMOT CONTROLS ST5484E Vibration Transmitter (8590)
4143 Differential Pressure Valve
Датчик скорости AMOT CONTROLS 8026 Flow Switch
2800 Safety Shutdown Device
2410 1/2" 2-Way Gas/Liquid Valve
4047 Pressure Valve
Температурный датчик AMOT CONTROLS 4271 Bearing Temperature Sensor
Model D 3-Way Thermostatic Temperature Control Valve (8" | DN200)
Индикатор AMOT CONTROLS 4054 Pneumatic Trip Indicator
Преобразователь AMOT CONTROLS 8064C Electro/Pneumatic (I/P) Converter
Индикатор AMOT CONTROLS 2400M/4400M Pneumatic Space Saver Indicating Relay

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